POS-X EVO-SG1-ALU Laser Barcode Scanner USB

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Get high performance and increased reliability for a fraction of the cost with the new POS-X EVO laser barcode scanner. The EVO Laser increases accuracy thanks to a wide scan area with a longer depth of field and proves more reliable due to decreased working time for the laser head. In addition, the advanced ergonomic design contributes to the EVO Lasers standing as a highly efficient, cost-effective, rapid-fire scanner.


  • Reads all standard linear 1D barcodes
  • Reading Distance: 0.5" to 10" (13mm to 254mm)
  • Reads up to 72 scans/second
  • World-leading laser technology


Part Details: 

EVO-SG1-ALU and Stand Kit (Old POS-X part number EVO-SG1-ALU-K)


Additional Information: 
Dimension (LxWxH) 6.5" x 2.8" x 3.7" (165mm x 70mm x 95mm) 
Light Source  Visible Laser Diode 650nm
Visual Indicators  Green: laser ready to scan Red: scanning successful
Systems Interface USB
Resolution 0.2" (4 mm)
Print Contrast 
Minimum 35% contrast
Interface Cable  4 6" USB Interface Cable (included)
Power Input  5VDC± 0.25 V
Current  125mA

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