Unitech Barcode Scanner Linear Imager USB Slate Blue

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Unitech Barcode Scanner Linear Imager USB Slate Blue

Delivering reliable and superior data capture, the MS250 contact to middle range CCD scanner offers excellent performance for increasing productivity even when the barcodes are damaged or poorly printed. This cost-effective and reliable handheld scanner provides the optimum combination of performance which makes it an ideal scanning tool for a wide range of market applications, such as point-of-sale, document processing, personal data identification, and inventory control.

Part Details: 

MS250-CUCB00-DG: Unitech, Barcode Scanner, Ms250, Linear Imager, USB Cable Included, Slate Blue, Replaced The Ms210 Series

Additional Details: 
Mechanical  Housing Material: ABS
Scanner Dimension:163.3mm x 79mm x 62.5mm
Model MS250
Scanner Capability 1D
Connectivity Corded
Scan Pattern LED Beam
Form Factor Handheld
Included Cables USB
Scanner Type CCD
Color Blue, Black
Connection USB
Ruggedness General Purpose



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