DYMO LetraTag 100T Plus Personal Label Maker

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DYMO LetraTag 100T Portable Label Maker

The LetraTag® 100T has a computer-style keyboard that lets you quickly and conveniently create labels. Print on a variety of colored labels, while using easy-to-use features including underlining, bolding, text sizing, and more. The graphical display lets you see font styles on screen, so you know exactly what you’re printing each and every time. Add a touch of personalization and organization to almost anything with the LetraTag® 100T.

  • Design features include: 7 print styles, 5 font styles, 195 symbols, 8 border styles
  • Product features include: 9 label memory, 2 line printing, date stamp, auto-off power saver
  • 13-Character LCD Display allows you to see exactly what you are printing
  • Computer style keyboard allows for quick creation of labels
  • Choose from 3 language options (English, French, or Spanish)
Part Details:

1733013: DYMO, LetraTag Plus LT-100T Personal Label Maker, 13 Character LCD Screen, 5 Font Sizes 6 Text Styles, Low Battery Indicator, Date Stamp and 195 Symbols, 3 Language Options (English, French, Spanish)

Additional Information:
Keyboard Style QWERTY
No. Print Styles 7
No. Font Sizes 5
NO. Box Styles 8
No. Symbols 195
No. Lines 2
Label Memory  9
Language Options Yes (English, French, or Spanish)