APG 4000 Heavy Duty Cash Drawers

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Industrial grade steel ball bearing slides ensure effortless performance and durability. A robust latch mechanism and a proven four-function lock assembly offer several levels of security. Flexible storage space maximizes efficiency.


  • Media: Single and dual media slots
  • Life Cycle: Tested beyond 4 million transactions
  • Till options: Till configurations to fit virtually any currency worldwide
  • Lock options: Four functions lock
  • Key options: Random keying from 10 lock codes is standard, other locks and key                             options are available
  • Interface: Multiple options available. See chart below


Part Details:

Series 4000 Cash Drawer (Painted Front with Dual Media Slots, 484A SerialPRO II Interface, 18 Inch x 16 Inch and Coin Roll Storage Till) - Color: Black

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