APG Vasario 1616 Dual Media Slot Cash Drawer SerialPRO II Interface

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APG Vasario 1616 Dual Media Slot Cash Drawer

The APG Vasario Series: 1616 is the perfect solution for applications that can be addressed with a standard duty cash drawer. The Vasario Series: 1616 is also a cost-effective choice that doesnt sacrifice quality or dependability. The Vasario Series: 1616 is competitively priced and includes features, such as multifunction locks and drawer status reporting, found in more expensive cash drawers. A variety of configurations with a wide range of sizes, styles, colors, interfaces, and till options are available to meet your specific requirements.


  • Roller Wheels
  • Latch Ejection Mechanism 
  • Multiple Interfaces
  • Double Plastic Hold Down 
  • Roller wheel suspension system
  • Painted or stainless-steel front
  • Dual media slots
  • Four-function lock
  • Drawer status switch
  • Electronically operated


Part Details:

VB484A-BL1616: APG, Vasario Series, Standard-Duty Cash Drawer, SerialPRO II, Black, Painted Front, 16x16, Dual Media Slots, Fixed 5x5 Till, Requires Cable

Additional Information:
Dimensions 16.2 16.3 4.3 inch/ 411 415 110 mm
Color Black
Drawer Front Style Painted Front
Options Fixed 5x5 Till
Interface SerialPRO II
Media Dual Media Slots


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