Brecknell 6720U Scale

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Capacity: 15Kg/30Lb
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Easy to read display

The Brecknell 6700U Series POS Scales are designed to be used for linking to electronic cash registers or computers. The 6700U Series is legal for trade, and commonly used in convenience stores, cafeterias, delis, candy stores, coffee houses or other retailers where counter space is limited.

The Brecknell 6720U scale features a Built-In internal display.

Part Details 

Avery Brecknell, Pos Bench Scale, 6720u, (7.5 Kg X 0.002 / 15 Lb X 0.005), 9 Inch Cable, (Internal Display), Interface Cable Required (1140-13842 Or Awt05-507974)

 Additional Information:
Capacity x readability 15lb. x 0.005lb., 15lb. x 0.1oz., 240oz. x 0.1oz., 7.5kg x 0.002kg, 7,500g x 2g
Accuracy ≤0.01%
Weighing units Pound, pound per ounce (not NTEP approved), ounce, kilogram, gram
Display Internal Display
Built-in applications Checkweighing, countweighing (not NTEP approved), positive peak, negative peak, average hold, auto hold
Interface Bidirectional nine-pin RS-232, USB port
Interface protocols NCI, ECR (electronic cash register), 8213 (Sharp), 2250 (Swintec), ATT, 0400 (Olympia)
Compliance NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) 13-074, Measurement Canada AM-5912C, UL (Underwriters Laboratories), CE (European Conformity)
Operating temperature range -10 to +40 degrees C at up to 90% RH (relative humidity)
Power 120 VAC
Platter Size 12 x 14 inches



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