Cherry G86-63400 Multifunctional Keyboard

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Compact, robust and multifunctional, the G86-63400 is ideal for busy yet space-limited work areas. A fully programmable keyboard with 142-130 relegendable keys allows for easy layout configuration and quick function calls. ‘‘CHERRY Tools’’ virtual programming enhances programming functionality. A high-performance and freely-configurable 3-track magnetic stripe reader allows for dual insertion for bi-directional swipe.

  • Compact size keyboard with Rows & Columns key layout
  • 142 Key Position Matrix in 14” Form Factor for Universal Key Function Assignment
  • Robust Product Design with IP 54 Spill and Dust Resistant Key Field for Harsh Environments
  • Unique Function Enhancement with ‘CHERRY Tools” Virtual Programming
  • Fully Programmable Keyboard with 142 Relegendable Keys for Easy Layout Configuration and Quick Function Calls
  • Option for Virtual Programming of all Keys up to 3 Layers Provides Convenient Data Access
  • ‘Moving of Keys’ Allows for Easy Key Position Exchange Including Modifier Functions
  • Grouping of Keys Allows for 1x2 and 2x2 key Positions
  • Disabling of Single Key Positions or Complete Rows & Columns with Optional Blank Covers
  • Powerful ‘CHERRY Tools’ Configuration Software Allows for Quick Product Set-Up and Configuration
  • Optional Accessory Kit Includes Multi-wide Keycaps and Lenses, Paper Inserts in 5 colors, Blank Covers for Easy Hardware Configuration
  • Comprehensive UPOS Support for Windows and Linux Client-Server Architectures
  • Remote Network Installation with CHERRY Tools Activator and Runtime Version
  • Yellow Status LED’s
Part Details:

G86-63400EUADAA: Cherry, G86-63400, Keyboard, Black. 14in, USB, 142 Position Rows, Columns Key, IP54, Cherry Tools Configuratorurator, UPOS

Additional Information:
Dimensions 14.17 x 7.79 x 1.49 in
Interface USB 2.0
Operating Temperature
32°F - 122°F
Storage Temperature
-4°F - 140°F
Cable Length
6 ft
3.08 lbs



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