Honeywell 8680i 1D/2D Barcode Ring Scanner

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Honeywell 8680i Wearable Mini Mobile Computer

The 8680i is a compact, high performance, hands- free mini mobile computer that can assist businesses to improve workflow efficiency. Replacing a scanner and mobile computer, the customizable user-facing display can communicate workflow instructions. Between the two versions, the standard version offers a lightweight, ergonomic Bluetooth, wearable scanning with a clear wireless connection, battery status, and scan results when paired with another device. The advanced model drives the streamlined workflow onto a single device, converging common applications such as picking, packing, and sorting.

Part Details:

Honeywell, Ring Scanner, Wearable Mini Mobile, 1d, 2d (8680i), Includes Extended Battery, Triggered Ring, And Strap Attachments.

Additional Details:
Model 8680i Wearable Mini Mobile Computer

Slim Battery Version: 81 mm x 56 mm x 31.3 mm Extended Battery Version: 81 mm x 56 mm x 35 mm 

Weight Triggered Ring with Slim Battery: 151 g (5.3 oz) Triggered Ring with Extended Battery: 168 g (5.9 oz)
Scanner Type Imager
Connection Bluetooth
Scanner Capability 2D, 1D
Connectivity Cordless



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