HP Engage Imaging Barcode Scanner II

HP Engage Imaging Barcode Scanner II

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Used in conjunction with HP Point of Sale Systems, the HP Engage Imaging Barcode Scanner II offers an enhanced feature set to improve information collection. Durable design, enhanced performance capabilities and improved motion tolerance maximize the transaction experience for both retailers and their customers.

 The HP Engage Imaging Barcode Scanner II decodes the most common 1D and 2D barcodes for enhanced data collection. Its camera mode imager captures labels or signatures, and omnidirectional operation allows symbol or image capture regardless of the orientation of the scanner for quicker reading. It features enhanced motion tolerance and technology allows a quick reading of barcodes from mobile devices. Intuitive feedback following a successful read indicated by a sound and shown by both a green light on the scanner as well as a visual change from the red aiming pattern to a green dot, which allows for quick and accurate scanning and improved productivity. This scanner can be used as a handheld device or stored in the stand and operated hands-free for operational flexibility.

Part Details:

HP Wireless Barcode Scanner, base station, and USB cable. 


Additional Information:
Reading Technology Imager
Type of Barcode Read 1D and 2D Barcodes
Visual and Audible Good Read Confirmation Yes
Light Source LEDs
Interface USB
Cable Length 2m (6.5ft)
Dimensions 166 x 68 x 109 mm
Weight 161g