HP Linear Barcode Scanner II

HP Linear Barcode Scanner II

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Deliver an efficient customer experience with the handheld HP Linear Barcode Scanner II, which reads common 1D barcodes, including barcodes from mobile devices, and keeps your associates comfortable with an ergonomic design that can be used by hand or set it in the stand for presentation mode.

  • Compatible with print and digital codes
    Quickly scan common 1D barcodes, GS1 DataBar linear codes, and barcodes on mobile devices with a long depth of field (DOF) and wide field of view (FOV) that reads longer 1D barcodes at a closer distance. Intuitive feedback confirms a successful read.

  • Scan on the move
    Help ensure accurate scans from mobile devices and on conveyor belts during checkout with enhanced motion-tolerance technology.

  • Comfortable to use
    Use by hand with the redesigned ergonomic grip, or set it in the stand for fixed-location scanning.

  • Simple to set up
    Plug the attached USB cable into your retail system. The extended 6.5-foot length gives you room to maneuver to hard-to-reach barcodes.

  • Supported by HP
    Rest easy that your IT investment is supported by a three-year standard limited warranty.


Part Details:
HP Linear Barcode Scanner II, Scanner Stand, USB Cable                                                                
Additional Information:
Reading Technology Linear Imager
Type of Barcode Read 1D Barcodes
Visual and Audible Good Read Confirmation
Light Source LEDs
Interface USB
Cable Length 2m (6.5 ft)
Dimensions 163 x 91 x 41 mm
Weight 147.3g