ID Tech WCR3237 Heavy Slot Reader for Bar Codes/Mag Stripe

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ID Tech Omni Infra Red Black Barcode Reader

The Omni reads up to 3 tracks of information with a single swipe in either direction. In combination, the same Omni unit can read both bar code and MagStripe media. It scans bar codes printed on paper, card stock, or plastic. An infrared option is available for security-based applications, where bar codes are overprinted to prevent duplication. The data outputs are TTL, RS232, keyboard wedge, USB/KB, USB/RS232, and Wiegand interfaces.

The Omni reader is designed for demanding applications, such as for access control or in self-service kiosks. Its die-cast metal base, stainless steel wear plate, and impact-resistant housing make it ideal for stand-alone, high-volume applications. 

Part Details:

ID Tech, Omni Barcode Reader, Infra Red, Sealed, USB, Black

Additional Details:
Dimensions 5 inches (127mm) x 2.05 inches (52mm) x 1.38 inches (35mm)
Weight 1.4lb
Cable Length 6-foot straight cable
Cable Connector TTL- 9 pin squeeze, Keyboard - 6 pin mini DIN, RS-232 - DE9F, TTL Mag/Bar Code Combo Readers-stripped and tinned leads
Operating Life 1,000,000 cycles minimum



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