ID Tech UniPay III Credit Card Swiper

ID Tech UniPay III Credit Card Swiper

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UniPay III Mobile Audio Jack MSR, Smart Card, and Contactless Reader

Compact Magnetic Stripe, Smart Card, and Contactless Reader ID TECH’s UniPay III represents the latest innovation in secure mobile payment acceptance. The UniPay III incorporates triple-tracks MagStripe, smart card, and contactless technologies. With this all-in-one mobile reader, it enables the acceptance of MagStripe, EMV smart card, and NFC/contactless payments including Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, MasterCard PayPass, Visa VCPS, American Express ExpressPay, Discover DPAS, and more.

Part Details:

Id Tech, Unipay Iii, 3 In 1 Mobile Reader, Msr/Emv/Contactless Reader, Grey

Additional Details: 
Dimensions 2.52 inches (64 mm) x 1.93 inches (49 mm) x 0.57 inches (14.5 mm)
Interfaces Audio headphone jack USB
Operating Life MagStripe Reader: 300,000 card swipes minimum Smart Card Reader: 80,000 card cycles minimum
Media Thickness 0.76mm ± 0.08mm minimum 0.89 maximum
Operating Temperature 32°F to 131°F (0°C to 55°C)