Kilotech KBI-64 Bar Inventory Scale

Kilotech KBI64 Bar Inventory Scale

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The KBI-64 (7.5" x 7.5") Bar Scale

The Kilotech Bar Inventory Scale provides a fast, accurate and virtually calculation free inventory of your distilled spirits, cordials and liqueurs. The most accurate method of inventory control in any bar is to determine the TOTAL NUMBER OF FLUID OUNCES IN STOCK.  With the KBI- 64 scale you can calculate exactly what's left in open bottles up to 64 fl. oz and use the Kilotech inventory sheet for your full and/or open bottles to arrive at an accurate "in stock" inventory.

This versatile scale can also weigh parcels up to 160 oz (10 lb.). The KBI- 64 Bar Inventory Scale will become an essential part of your daily routine and will have an important impact on your bottom line.

  • Air dashpot for fast reading
  • Fine tooth rack and pinion mechanism
  • Spring mechanism is temperature compensated
  • Stainless steel removable platform for fast, easy cleanup
  • Easy to read dial
  • 1 year warranty

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Part Details:

Capacity 64 fl. oz 160 oz Graduation 1 fl. oz 0.5 oz Weight 7.3 lb /3310 g Shipping Weight 8.66 lb /3930 g

Additonal Details:
Capacity 64 fl oz / 160oz
Graduation 1 fl oz / 1/2 oz
Platter 7.5"L X 7.5"W