Logic Controls (Bematech) LX9000 Pole Display

Logic Controls (Bematech) LX9000 Pole POS Display

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The LDX9000 uses special display technology and unique circuit design to achieve its reliability. In addition, the units are made with special, high durability plastic that is UV-resistant and prevents color fading. The LDX9000 is a 2 x 20 line, 9.5 mm character height display that comes with superior functionality that simply is not found in other vendors" offerings. Scrolling, user-definable characters, and a built-in real-time clock are all standard features of the unit"s firmware.

Part Details:

Pole display, 9.5mm Standard USB Port-Powered, Configurable Command Set

Additional Information:
Brand Name Logic Controls
Capacity 21
Weight 2.7lbs
Form Factor Fixed Mount
Item Thickness 19.0 inches
Length 6.0 inches
Model Number LDX9000-UP-GY