MS246 Magnetic Stripe Reader

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The MS246 intelligent magstripe reader delivers exceptional performance in compact housing. It can read up to 3 tracks of magnetic stripe card data regardless of swiping direction or speed. The MS246 is ideal for POS, Security, Loyalty, and other applications. The uniquely designed flat housing allows for mounting in different orientations by using threaded inserts or Velcro. The 6-foot cable exits through the side, increasing flexibility in mounting options. The MS246 provides easy USB connectivity and OPOS driver support.


  • USB-KB or USB-HID Interface 
  • User-Friendly Configuration Software 
  • Reads up to 3 tracks of information 
  • Reliable for a minimum of 1,000,000 passes 
  • Signifies successful reads with a beeper and tri-color LED indicator 
  • Can be used free-standing or mounted 
  • Threaded inserts for easy and flexible mounting 
  • 2-year warranty from date of invoice 
  • OPOS driver is available


Part Details: 

MS246 Magnetic Stripe Reader, Triple Track, USB (Keyboard Emulation / HID Mode), Black - (No Data Editing Capability)


Additional Information: 
Swipe Speed 5 to 50 inches per second, bi-directional 
Card Thickness .015 to .045 inches
Slot Width  .050 inches (1.37mm)
Indicators  Tri-colored LED, beeper
Interfaces USB-KB, USB-HID

Length: 3.94 inches (100mm)

Width: 1.38 inches (35mm)

Height: 1.18 inches (30mm)

Cable Length  6-foot side exit cable



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