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Blackwire 3300 Series provides a best-in-class audio experience in a headset built for enterprise deployment. Even better, workers want to wear it—so your investment pays off. The great appeal of the Blackwire 3300 Series is apparent at first sight: It has a modern, stylish design. Its microphone boom is flexible so workers can customize the fit. And the headset is fully adjustable with a comfortable padded headband, pillow-soft ear cushions, and 180-degree pivoting speakers.

Not only that, it sounds as good as it looks—with high-quality audio you’d expect from Poly. And if it’s starting to sound expensive, we’ve got good news. Blackwire 3300 Series is priced to fit your budget.


  • Mono or stereo OTH (over-the-head) options.
  • Choose the variant for your device: PC USB-A or USB-C and/or 3.5 mm for mobile connectivity.
  • Corded simplicity and reliability. 
  • Easy to use: no training necessary.
  • Connect quickly and easily – just plug-n-play


Part Details: 

213934-101,, Blackwire 3320, BW3320 USB-A


Additional Information: 
Microphone Sensitvity   -38dBV/Pa
Microphone Boom Length 
135 mm / 0.44 ft
Microphone Bandwidth  100-10000Hz
Boom Rotation  280°
Weight (With Cable) 102 g / 0.22 lbs (BW3310, BW3315)
130 g / 0.29 lbs (BW3320, BW3325)
Speakers Size  32 mm/ 0.10ft
Speakers Sensitivity  116 dB
Speakers Input Impedance  32 ohms
Cable length (USB to Inline Module) 1450 mm / 4.76 ft (BW3310, BW3320),  900 mm / 2.95 ft (BW3315, BW3325)
Cable Lenght (INLINE MODULE TO HEADSET) 665 mm / 2.15 ft (BW3310, BW3320), 1175 mm / 3.85 ft (BW3315, BW3325)
Headband Adjustment  35 mm / 0.11 ft (BW3310, BW3315), 70 mm / 0.23 ft (BW3320, BW3325)
Maximum Acoustic Output 118dBPL
Microphone and Technology  20-20000Hz
Campatible with  Windows or Mac OP 




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