Poly Calisto7200 Spreakerphone

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When you need an exceptional conferencing performance in a small group conference room, turn to Calisto 7200. With four MEMS-directional microphones that provide 360˚ coverage and filter out unwanted noise, USB and Bluetooth® connectivity and touch-sensitive controls, it’s ready when you are.

Not too little, not too much. Just right for 4 to 6-person conference rooms. Calisto 7200 makes sure everyone on the call is heard with crystal clarity. Spend less time troubleshooting and more time collaborating 


  • Four MEMS-directional microphones provide 360° room coverage 
  • Bluetooth clearing function removes unwanted devices 
  • The locking mechanism keeps the device stationary in small team meeting rooms 
  • Connect easily via USB and Bluetooth


Part Details: 

207913-01; Calisto 7200, P7200,WW


Additional Information: 
Talk Time  Up to 6.5 hours  
USB Transmit
Up to 14 KHz audio bandwidth 
USB Receive 
Up to 14 KHz audio bandwidth 
Bluetooth A2DP receive Up to 14 KHz audio bandwidth 
Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile Up to 7 KHz audio bandwidth
Bluetooth Headset Profile 3.5 KHz audio bandwidth
NoiseBlock Be heard clearly with noisy background distractions removed
Environment  IP64 dust and water resistance rated

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