POS-X 2D EVO scanner

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POS-X 2D EVO scanner

The POS-X EVO 2D barcode scanner delivers fast, highly accurate scans of traditional 1D barcodes as well as the increasingly popular 2D codes. It can also scan digital displays including mobile devices, making it great for reading mobile coupons. Rapid, accurate scanning combined with an ergonomic design makes the EVO 2D perfect for reading shipping details, recording inventory, or scanning identification cards in restaurants, bars, and cafes. At a price point that is hard to beat, the EVO 2D is the clear choice for the future. 


  • Decode Capabilities
    Reads 2D and all standard 1D Barcodes

  • Scan Rate
    Reads up to 270 scans/second

  • Reading Distance
    1.4" to 10.2" (36mm to 261mm)

  • Presentation Mode
    Hands-free image capture

  • IP40 Rating
    Great for use in environments such as retail, airports, trains, and banks


Part Details:

995ED047200333: Custom America, POS-X, EVO 2D Barcode Scanner USB, Previously Part #EVO-SG1-ADU


Additional Information:
 Light Source White LED 617 nm
Visual Indicators Green: Decoding Successful
Red: Decoding Failed
System Interface USB
Resolution 0.8" (20mm) max
Scanning Angle 70°
Scan Rate 270 scan lines per second
Autosense Mode Yes
Programmable Features Scan Mode, Prefix Code, Postfix Code, Code Type, Supplements, Redundant Scans, Transmission Delay, Keyboard Layout, Beep Volume, Mobile Phone Read Mode, Data Editing
Dimensions (LxWxH) 605" x 2.8" 3.7" (165mm x 70mm x 95mm)
Weight 26lb
Color Black
Interface Cable 4 6" USB Interface Cable (Included)
Power Input 4-5.5 VDC ± 0.25 V
Current 400mA



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