POS-X ION-Cash Drawer

Loyalty Sense POSSKU: 971GF010003015

Color: White
Drawer Type: 4 Bill 5 Coin (13" x 13")
Manual Open: No
Sale price$164.99


POS-X ION Cash Drawer 

The ION Cash Drawer represents an ideal balance of quality and price. It has all the same features as more expensive models, smoother operation, a strong locking mechanism, and a fully adjustable till- but at a price to fit any budget.

  • Adjustable Bill Slots
  • Interchangeable Interface Cables
  • Stainless Steel Faceplate

Part Details:

971GF010003014: Custom America, POS-X ION 13in Cash Drawer, 13x13, Black, 2 Media Slots

971GF010003016: Custom America, POS-X ION 16in Cash Drawer, 16x16, Black, Media Slot

971GF010003027: Custom America, POS-X ION 18in Cash Drawer, 18x18, Black, 2 Media Slots

971GF010003015: Custom America, POS-X ION 13in Cash Drawer, 13x13, White, 2 Media Slots

971GF010003018: Custom America, POS-X ION 16in Cash Drawer, 16x16, Stainless Front, Media Slot

971GF010003028: Custom America, POS-X ION 18in Cash Drawer, 18x18, Stainless Front, 2 Media Slots

971GF010003019: Custom America, POS-X ION 16in Cash Drawer, 16x16, Black, Media Slot, Manual Open


Additional Details:
Dimensions 16.1″ x 16.3″ x 4.5″ ; 18.1″ x 18.3″ x 4.5″
Weight 16.5 lbs (7.5kg) ; 20.3 lbs (9.2kg)
Construction Steel
Color Black, White, or Stainless Steel
Drawer Slide Stell with Nylon Roller
Media Slots 13": 2
16": 1
18": 2
Lock 3-Position Key Lock
Micro Switch Open by Signal to Solenoid



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