Star Micronics CD4-1416 Choice Series Mini Cash Drawer

Loyalty Sense POSSKU: 37968000

Color: Black
Drawer Type: 4 Bill 5 Coin
Sale price$175.99


CD4-1416 Choice Series Cash 14Wx16D

Stronger than their competition, Choice Series cash drawers feature a reinforced top creating added strength to securely support POS terminals and tablets. The Choice Series is a one-key cash management solution enabling both the cash drawer and locking till cover to be operated by a single hinged key. Managers will love the convenience of a single hinged key that will not break off in the lock.

Available in glossy black and matte white finishes with painted interiors and an optional stainless-steel front design, the CD4-1416 Choice Series cash drawer is available in the sizes and styles businesses are accustomed to. Adaptable to fit a business’s specific needs, the 14” x 16” cash drawer is available with a 4 Bill-5 Coin or 4 Bill-8 Coin till.


  • Reinforced top for added strength
  • Reliable roller assembly design and operation
  • Single-key drawer and till locking with premium hinged key design
  • Over 10 different lockset options for added security
  • High-quality design and finish with painted drawer interiors
  • Standard cash drawer cable included
  • Dual drawer secure cable available


Part Details:

37967990: Star Micronics, CD4-1416WT45, Choice Cash Drawer, White, 14Wx16D, Printer Driven, 4 Bill-5 Coin, Cable Included

37968000: Star Micronics, CD4-1416BK45, Choice Cash Drawer, Black, 14Wx16D, Printer Driven, 4 Bill-5 Coin, Cable Included

37968010: Star Micronics, CD4-1416WT48, Choice Cash Drawer, White, 14Wx16D, Printer Driven, 4 Bill-8 Coin, Cable Included

37968020: Star Micronics, CD4-1416BK48, Choice Cash Drawer, Black, 14Wx16D, Printer Driven, 4 Bill-8 Coin, Cable Included


Additional Information:
Dimension 13.8” (W) x 16.0” (L) x 4.4” (H)
Weight 6.2Kg
Security Keys (2) for Easy Manual Release
Connectivity Standard Printer Driven Interface with Bottom Exit Cable (Cable Included)
Media Slots No
Options  Under-Counter Mounting Brackets, Tills, Locking Till Cover, Spare Cable, Dual Drawer Secure Cable
Reliability 1,000,000 Opens



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