Star Micronics POS Scale Measure Heavyweight Materials

Star Micronics MG-S8200 POS Scale Measure Heavyweight Materials

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Designed for large capacity measurements, the mG-S8200 can measure substances up to 8200 grams (18 Lbs). Highly accurate the Star scale is certified for cannabis sale in Washington, Alaska, Oregon, and California. Designed with water and dust-proof cover and offers support for Windows, iOS, and Android making the process of adding the scale to an existing system easy.
Part Details: 
mG-S8200, Micronics, MG-S8200, Scale, USB, BLE, Legal for Trade in US (NTEP), 8200 G x 1G - Class II (G) Class III (Oz, lbs), AC Adapter USB Cable Included.
Additional Information
Interface Serial
Manufacturer Star Micronics
Model Name mG-S8200
Weight Capacity 8200g
  • Legal for Trade, NTEP certified.
  • Multiple Interfaces (Bluetooth, Serial, USB).
  • Wired & Battery operated Power supply.
  • Class II Accuracy for the Cannabis industry.
  • Support for Windows, Android, iOS.