Topaz SignatureGem T-LBK462-HSB-R 1X5 Backlit LCD Signature Capture Pad USB

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Topaz T-LBK462-HSB-R SignatureGem LCD 1x5

SignatureGem® LCD 1x5 is Topaz's advanced, more durable LCD (4.4”W x 1.3"L) electronic signature pad that displays "electronic ink" under the pen tip during signing. The wide, rugged signing surface make this a versatile pad for the most demanding applications.

Part Details:

T-LBK462-HSB-R: Topaz 1X5 Backlit LCD Signature Capture Pad USB Connection

Additional Details:
Product Type Signature Capture Pad
Battery Type ‎1 Lithium Ion
Signing Area 4.4”W x 1.3"L
Host Interface USB
Display Type Back-lit LCD display
Included Signature Pad & Stylus



  • Signature Pad & Stylus
  • ‍Connection Cable (USB or Serial)
  • Medical cart, biometric ID, and secure kiosk specialty models available
  • Signature seen on pad and computer screen
  • GemGuard® antimicrobial pen


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