Unitech MS146 Slot Scanner(Infrared/USB)

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The MS146 reader is versatile enough to fit applications across the board. It can read ID cards for check-in, check-out, and access control. The infrared MS146 reads barcodes that have been secured by black panels to prevent photocopying. 

The MS146 barcode card reader is designed for time and attendance, security, and access control applications that use badges, cards, or forms.


  • Sealed optical system with IP54 rugged housing
  • Wide barcode slot with flexible reading angle and higher resolution
  • Multi-direction for flexibility of installation
  • User-configurable via PC programming
  •  Compatibility with all popular computers and devices
  •  Provide desktop or side-mounted application on the wall
  • Suitable for different cards of different dimensions and printing qualities
  •  Available with TTL, Keyboard wedge RS232, and USB interfaces
  •  Advanced-Data Editing
  •  50 mm to 700 mm/sec Scan Rate
  •  6 mil minimum resolution


Part Details: 

MS146 Slot Scanner, Infrared, USB, Mounting Bracket


Additional Information: 
In-counter/On-counter On-Counter 
Scan Technology Slot/IR
Scanner Interface USB
Scanner/Scale No


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