Vault Connect Enclosure for iPad 10.2/10.5

Vault Connect Enclosure for iPad 10.2/10.5

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Vault CONNECT Mobility Enclosure for iPad

VAULTs CONNECT line of enclosures brings versatility to your business. This lightweight, durable enclosure can be mounted to any VAULT stand. A built-in mPULSE board with hot-swappable batteries that seamlessly allows for continued charging throughout the day all while remaining mobile.

  • Lightweight ABS Polycarbonate construction
  • Support housing for payment devices
  • Hybrid mounted/mobile solution
  • Integrated cable management
Part Details:

Vault,Connect Mobility Enclosure For Ipad (Ipad 10.2/10.5 Air (2019), Black, No Credit Card Reader, No Mpulse)

Additional Details:
Length 12.32 in / 31.29 cm
Width 7.09 in / 18.01 cm
Depth 1.26 in / 3.2 cm
Weight 1.0 lb / 453.59 gm