Vault 180° Flip Magnetic Stability Flip Base

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Flip Base Vault Stability 

The Flip Base is a simple yet sophisticated design to solve all of your multi-person sale interactions. The Flip Base allows you to minimize all of your tablet accessories such as a pin pad and signature station into the tablet that can easily be flipped for the customer to view and interact with when needed.

  • Standard 75mm and 100mm VESA alignment
  • 180º flip rotation towards customer
  • Magnetic base for seamless mount
  • Integrated cable management
Part Details: 

VAULT Flip Rotation Base. Mountable via 75mm & 100mm VESA Alignment to Enclosure 

Additional Information:
Product Type Mounting Base (Countertop)
Dimensions 5.99” (W) 6.97″ (H) 7.34″ (D)
Weight  2.0 lbs
Compatible Enclosure Lines Pro, Connect