Wasp WDI4700 1D/2D Digital Imager Barcode Scanner

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Wasp Multipurpose WDI4700 2D Barcode Scanner

The new Wasp WDI4700 2D Scanner is a multipurpose digital imager designed to offer an ergonomic scanning experience to the user, and outstanding performance thanks to its megapixel sensor with white-illumination 2D technology.

The WDI4700 motion-sensing technology detects the user’s movements to switch automatically between presentation and handheld reading without the need of a stand. It also allows the user to program the aimer and sensor according to the user’s preferences.

Thanks to its highly visible 4-Dot aimer, the WDI4700 can define exact reading zones to reduce accidental reads, while the aimer’s center cross provides a locator for targeted scanning in a multiple barcode environment. In addition, its visible white illumination is easier on the eyes and reads colored labels better.

The WDI4700 omnidirectional scanner can read 1D and 2D, postal and composite codes (PDF417) at a fast speed even from mobile devices. It also features enhanced optics to improve motion tolerance and high-speed imaging to read fast moving codes. This makes it ideal for a wide range of industries such as mobile marketing or ticketing applications, retail (POS), light manufacturing, healthcare, access control, transportation, entertainment, commercial services like postal, banks, public administration, utilities, etc.

Part Details:

Wasp, Wdi4700 2d Scanner Digital Imager Barcode Scanner, Usb, Replaces Part # 633808929701

Additional Details:
Dimension 6.5 x 2.7 x 4.3 in (16.6 x 6.8 x 10.9 cm)
Weight 5.7 oz (161.0 g)
Color Black and Yellow
Connector USB
Trigger Scan button
Indicator Beeper, three green lights technology and loud
beeper for good-read feedback, green spot on the code, dual good-read LEDs
Coding Capability 1D/2D



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