Wasp WPD720 Customer Pole Display

Wasp WPD720 Customer Pole Display

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Wasp WPD720 Compact Design Pole Display 

The Wasp WPD720 is ideal for any retail application, featuring a compact footprint and easy-to-read display. Interchangeable pole heights and rotating display make it easy to adjust the WPD720 to your retail environment. The WPD720 is rated at over 25,000 hours of use, offering maximum value for your investment

  • Displays up to 40 characters of alphanumeric text
  • Rated at over 25,000 hours of use
  • Easily installs via your PC’s USB port
  • Manufactured for durability
  • Interchangeable pole height
Part Details:

633808471521: Wasp, WPD720 Pole Display USB

Additional Details:
Display Method Vacuum fluorescent display
Interface USB
Display Color Blue-green
Character Type 96 alphanumeric
Brightness  700 cd/m2