Wasp WPL305 4.0" x 3.0" Direct Thermal Labels (4 Rolls)

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Wasp WPL305 4.0" x 3.0" Direct Thermal Labels (4 Rolls)

Wasp direct thermal labels are ideal for a wide variety of label applications and along with Wasp printers, these labels work with nearly any major model barcode printer. 

In direct thermal printing, no printer ribbon is required, which can reduce costs. Direct thermal labels are heat sensitive, which is how images, text, or barcodes are applied to this label type. The process is efficient and inexpensive, however, it makes the image susceptible to elements over time. Direct sunlight and high-temperature environments accelerate deterioration. Direct thermal printing is recommended for general-purpose labeling, warehouse pick ticketing, distribution, shipping, address labeling, packaging, and shelf and retail product labeling. Direct thermal paper labels are an excellent choice for light-duty applications like retail, shipping/receiving, inventory, document tracking, shelf labeling, and customer management records.

Part Details:

633808402778: Wasp, WPL305 4.0" X 3.0" Dt Labels, 5"Od (4 Rolls)

Additional Details: 
Product 4.0" x 3.0" direct thermal labels
OD 5" outside label diameter
Core 1" standard core
Rolls 4 rolls of paper labels
Label Per Roll 850 labels per roll
Compatible Printers Wasp WPL305, WPL304 and WPL205

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